Vw pressing to the floor engine starts to jerk and wants to cut out

Hello, ive had the car in the garage for 3 weeks now and they cant find
the problem.
When driving or sitting still if i push the pedal to the floor it feels like it cuts out at roughly 3.5-4k rpm the fuel and the car wants to die and it drops revs slowely but if i press the pedal gently it goes back to normal idle. At the moment all the wires are getting checked on the car, throttle body and intake manifold has been cleaned from carbon, new swirl flap motor and fuel rail sensor installed still have same issues. Any help appreciated! engine is 2.0tdi. It started doing this when swirl flap motor got changed and carbon cleaned up.

Maybe a relearn procedure with the scanner was NOT performed . . . ?

Drivetrain computer may bypass certain power robbing functions when accel pedal is pressed all the way to floor, presuming driver is passing a big truck and needs all the power available. On my Corolla the EGR system is disabled when pedal-floored for example. So maybe something is amiss with whatever special it does for pedal-floored. Computer knows that pedal is floored by reading throttle position sensor, so that seems like worth checking as well.

Suggest to post model/year/engine/transmission.

Something to do with turbo excess boost pressure protection activating? Faulty pressure sensor or wiring? Waste gate fault? Low fuel pressure or clogged filter? I don’t know much about diesel.