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2000 VW GTI Loss of Power

I bought this VR6 new. About 3-4 years ago I started experiencing a loss of power during acceleration. I’ve had it looked at several times by VW dealers as well as independent mechanics. None have been able to identify or repair the problem.

There has to be someone out there with the same trouble. Please help me solve this mystery

Most told me the computer read out said it had a bad knock sensor. I’ve replaced knock sensors several times to no avail. I was last told by a VW dealer that repair would involve chasing the computer read out and replacing up to 50 some odd sensors until the problem sensor could be identified.

I highly doubt there are 50 sensors in your car, so that should be a red flag to you. Stick with an independent shop.

Is the “Check Engine” light on? Have you had the car scanned for diagnostic trouble codes?

How old is the fuel filter? Has fuel pressure been checked?

Lastly, why have you waited 3-4 years???

And has the problem grown worse over the past three or four years?

Has anybody checked for an exhaust restriction? Like a plugged converter?

What octane gasoline are you using? Is it the same as recommended in your owners manual?

I havent really waited for 3-4 years. I have had this problem looked at several times and no one has been able to resolve it. Each time it has turned in to a rabbit hole problem. The car has been scanned for diagnostic troubles and apparently always kicks out a bad knock sensor. Awhile back I the “check engine” light was coming on but it’s been some time since that has happened. The fuel filter was replaced back when I last decided to pursue this problem but that has been 3 years now. However, that never solved the trouble in the past. Perhaps I will pursue the fuel pressure. Thank you.

yes, it is getting worse. I dont believe that any exhaust problems have been identified. that i worth checking.

im using the recommended octane. i had a mechanic awhile back recommend that i experiment with lower octane to no avail.

Yeah, a plugged exhaust would cause loss of power, gradually getting worse as the exhaust becomes more plugged, and unless one is looking for it may be missed by the diagnostician. The engine could run fine at idle and even go vroom-vroom by manually activating the throttle without any obvious problem because it wouldn’t be under load.