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VW Passat 1998 Engine Won't Start

I drove my 1998 VW passat to work last week, a day after changing spark plugs, fuel and oil filter, and engine oil. After work, the car refused to spark. Had to leave it overnight. Till today, the vehicle has refused to spark even though my electricians keep telling everything seems to be ok. The latest I was told was that the engine has lost pressure. What does that mean and what is the possible remedy? Thanks.

What Pressure Has It Allegedly Lost ? I Doubt That It Lost Pressure In The Cylinders (Compression) Because It Drove To Work.
Has It Been Suggested That You’ve Lost Fuel Pressure ?

Something like that is more a possibility. A faulty fuel pump or fuel pump, fuel pump relay, or forzen fule line could cause a loss of fuel pressure.

Was it fuel presssure ?


P.S. What’s the daytime and nighttime temperature running where you live ?

How Are You Checking For Spark And Who Are Your Electricians ? Are The Electricians Referring To A Loss Of Voltage As A Pressure Loss ?

Are the people or the person who are/is telling you that the engine has lost pressure the same people or person known as your electricians ?

I’ve asked questions trying to determine which of 3 things the car is missing that keeps it from “sparking.” Is it missing compression (mechanical), spark (electrical), or fuel (gasoline/air mixture) ?

Help us out. Paint some more of this picture.


If the work you did caused this problem, the most likely problem would be the fuel filter. Perhaps it is the wrong kind and is too restrictive? Or, doing the change dislodged some dirt? Or the installation was incorrect (filter in backwards) and is restricting fuel flow. That’s the first thing I’d check out.

If this year Passat has a single coil, check the coil wire to the distributor cap, it may have come loose.

I am going back to my electrician and I will get back with some answers. Thanks for folks