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Manual transmission

93000 miles 5 speed manual transmission only lets me use 2,3 and reverse gear dealership would replace for over 4000 dollars i took good care of that car and dont think transmission should go out that soon help? Thanks

Take your VW to a good independent transmission shop (avoid the chain shops like AAMCO) and get a second opinion. It might be something as simple as your shift linkage or clutch problems. If you drive normally then the transmission should last a lot longer than 93K. Do you tow anything with your Jetta?

Besides not wanting to go into the other gears, does the transmission make grinding noises? Can you shift into the other gears when the engine is not running?

A dealership is no place for a vehicle with 93,000 miles. Take it to a reputable independently owned and operated shop and let them evaluate it.

I’ll bet lunch you don’t need a new tranny. Post back with what the new guy finds.

VWs have various plastic pieces/bushings in the gear shift linkage (not in the transmission) that wear and break over time. Could be that, along with the need for a linkage adjustment, as @missileman mentioned.

Plastic linkage part as texases mentioned, looks like a dog chew bone, broke on mine after about 25 years; 10 bucks for the part from the dealer took care of the gear access problem similar (can’t recall if identical) to yours. An hour at a mechanic should get it installed. VW manual transmissions are tough but don’t let the lube level get low. That will take out one of your 5th gear shaft end bearings but you will still be able to shift gears. Make sure that the lube is high enough to run out with the fill port open with the car level; is higher than just finger access through the fill port.

PS, it might be guessed that the dealer’s service adviser made a diagnosis over the phone or else did not look at the transmission linkage visible underneath the power brake diaphragm and did not know to check.

Dealerships are limited and usually in the " just replace mode". If you can find a transmission specialist, that would be ideal.

When i put in gear it dont make a sound feels like in nutrial i had no time taking car somewhere else yet but will tomorrow thank you for your comments monika