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VW Jetta gearbox/clutch

I have an '04 Jetta with 75K on the clock. Recently I have noticed an occasional “snick” when upshifting from 1st to 2nd. I have driven stick all of my life and I know that the clutch was flat on the floor. I fear that it is a synchronizer as I have never repalced a clutch at less than 100K.

Any thoughts as to which it is and the possible cause? If it is a synchro should I look at a rebuilt box or have this one fixed? I will not be doing this my self, either dealer or independent shop.

That ‘occasional “snick”’ could remain just that for a long time if you get your clutch fixed so it doesn’t engage at the floor.

I think it’s a problem with the master/slave cylinders or clutch cable. Less likely a bad pressure plate. Not a worn clutch disk.

A “snick” is not life threatening to your transmission. Before syncro’s it was normal to get a bit of grind between gears. If you take it slow between 1st and 2nd and let up on the gas you would not need the syncro at all.

In other words unless this really bugs you, you should be able to live with this for a long time before rebuilding the transmission.

I wouldn’t worry about this at all unless it gets significantly worse. A slight hesitation during the 1-2 upshift may make the symptom disappear.

I guess I misunderstood your words about the clutch.

Change the transmission oil and see if that helps.