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2004 VW Jetta transmission problem

hi folks
my jetta has 139k on it. whenever i come to a hard-ish stop or almost-stop, the transmission downshifts to 1st and won’t get out of it unless i play with the tiptronic mode selector and coax it to upshift. it shifts well and works well in gingerly driving other than in this circumstance. i took it to a shop and they say (as they always do) it needs a new tranny. i’m wondering out loud if there is some kind of mounting instability issue that could explain this. but in any case, i’m all ears as to whether you think this is definitely a case of needing a new transmission. i have read a bunch about solenoids being the culprit in general shifting problems, but not this exact set of symptoms and circumstances.

thanks in advance for your help.

Any CEL (Check Engine Light) Illumination ?
I’d Go To A National Chain Type Auto Parts. Many Will, Free Of Charge, Check For DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). If Any Are Present, Write Them Down Accurately - Example: P0123, P1455, Etcetera. Post Them Here.