VW Jetta and Ignition Interlock problems

Help me please. I have a 95 VW Jetta III GLX. My fan wont shut off when I drive it for a certain amount of time–say 25 minutes.

I had taken it to my mechanic several times and he cant figure it out.

It recently had an ignition interlock device installed on it–so I decided that must be the problem. I have taken it back to them several times and they cant figure it out.

My boyfriend told me that this paticular model of car has an eleborate electrical system and thinks it is definately the interlock device causing the problem. He is afraid they will permanently screw up my car.

Can you shed any light on the situation? Something I can tell the interlock company when I take my car BACK AGAIN?

Thank you so much for your help.

Jenny stranded in Iowa…:frowning:

It recently had an ignition interlock device installed on it

Could you tell us a little more about this device. Who installed it (VW, local mechanic, electronics store?) Why was it installed? What is it’s function? Who made it?

I suspect it is the interlock that is causing the problems.

As for what to tell the interlock people, try: It worked when I brought it in and did not after you worked on it.