VW Engine Fan problem



97 Passat GLX VR6. Engine will not shut off. Already drained one battery. Every time we take it to the dealer it is 1500.00 hoping someone knows a quick fix


Correction ENGINE FAN won’t shut off


What exactly has the dealer done? My guess is it is a relay, or maybe a sensor. How often and when has it done this?


Haven’t gone to dealer yet. Would like to fix myself, already sank 2000 into various issues in the last month. Can’t find a manual. will try the relay if I can find it…


Try Cars4Books.com for a used manual. VW will sell you one, but they are expensive.

Sounds like a stuck relay or bad coolant temp sensor to me. Until you can fix it, you could pull the fan fuse, or disconnect the electrical connection to the fan motor when you park the car. That will save the battery. Just remember to reconnect before you drive.