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VW Issues

I have a 2003 Jetta. After it runs for awhile, if I have to shut it off and start it back up - I have to pump the gas to get it started and it idles high and gets flooded. I can smell gas after it gets started.

A mechanic already replaced the ignition coil, which wasn’t the problem at all.

Which engine does it have?

The first thing I would check for would be a leaking fuel pressure regulator. Its probably on one end of the fuel rail with a vacuum line attached to it. The next time its been running a while pull that vacuum line and look for gasoline. If you find it then the diaphragm is leaking and allowing raw fuel to dump into the intake when you shut the car down (thus the flooding).

If that’s not a problem I’d be looking at leaky fuel injectors next.

It has the 2.0 engine. Would either of those cause it to idle high for a couple of minutes after it’s restarted? Thanks so much for you comments. I’ll have the mechanic look at those first.

You don’t pump the gas on a fuel injected vehicle.
You either don’t touch the pedal at all, or you floor it to do the flooded engine clearing procedure, which should tell the computer not to fire the injectors for a bit while it cranks the engine over.

One thing you can to to tell if its a single injector causing trouble is to remove the spark plugs from the engine, and crank the engine over with them out. If there is fuel spraying out of 1 cylinder, then that’s the culprit.

And yes, if the pressure regulator is bad, and allowing the pressure to bleed into the intake manifold, that will cause the high idle because there is extra fuel just laying in the intake manifold, which then gets sucked into the engine as the car is started, causing the high idle.