VW GTI squeaking noise coming from under hood

Was wondering if anyone has has experience with a squeaking noise coming form a VW GTI. I have a 2006 GTI and when the car is cold and I first drive it I hear a squeaking noise coming from under the hood when it’s idle. Typically once I accelerate it goes away and it does this till the car warms up. I checked all visible belts and air lines for wear and leaks but nothing obvious. And given my mechanic is 30 minutes away by the time I get there it stops making the noise. Any leads?

With a spray bottle of water in hand and hood up, start the engine and spray the accessory belt with a little water. If the squeak goes away it’s the belt.
Belts can be difficult to figure sometimes based on a visual.

The water on the belt will hurt nothing; it will be gone in seconds.

Thanks will give it a try this weekend