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VW GTI Diesel

Thinking of buying a VW GTI, Manual Trans, with a TDI engine. Thinking of going Bio-diesel down the road, would liek to hear feedback from you guys out there, specially people who’ve either own or owned a Biodiesel

No such thing as a “GTI Diesel”, they only come with gas engines. If you’re wanting a Golf diesel, that they have. But I would not plan to covert a modern diesel to 100% biodiesel, they’re not designed for it. They typically can handle 5%, maybe 10%, biodiesel. And if you’re actually talking about waste vegetable oil, not an option at all.

There have been many laments on this board concerning the problems associated with using fry-grease as motor fuel…

Given there expense I would not use anything but 100% diesel at this time. I really don’t think the long term problems associated with it deserves any more attention than those vehicles used for public transportation where problems can be past on and payed for by the ever willing tax payer.

I suggest you stop by TDI Club They are everything VW diesel.

The newer engines are not as bio friendly as the older ones. In general anything over 5% is questionable. Winter (cold weather) brings new problems. Don’t take my word for it (or my memory) follow the link and do some reading.

I know that equipment diesels are different from car, but what I have been advised by local diesel maintenance people is the following. If I want to use bio diesel, fine. During the work session finish up with a tank full of regular diesel and never let bio diesel of any % sit in the tank or system for any significant length of time esp. in cold weather. That seems impractical in a car and why it may work in continuous use busses but not privately.