Diesel VW Bugs & Biofuel

Anyone know if & when VW made a classic bug w/ a diesel engine? I am looking for one to run on Biofuel.

If anyone has experience w/ biofuel I’d be interested in hearing from you.

As far as I know, VW did not produce any air cooled diesel cars.
You might want to consider a “newer” VW or some other make of car that has a diesel.

I don’t have any personal experience with biodiesel, but I’ve heard of many people having great success on late model cars. When biodiesel is put into an older car, it often dissolves a lot of the junk that has accumulated in the fuel system which ends up clogging fuel injectors or the fuel filter (if you’re lucky).
It may even attack the rubber fuel lines and lead to big headaches. But, this is rare.
Starting off with a biofuel blend and changing the fuel filter often is the best approach (from what I gather).

Yep, they made one. Exactly one: http://www.ltv-vwc.org.uk/wheelspin//ws_aug-sept-2003/diesel-beetle.html

I’m not aware of any diesel classic bugs, don’t think they made them.

Learn something new every day!

I highly doubt you’ll be able to run bio-diesel through an old diesel engine. Even some manufacturers of new diesel engines don’t recommend a concentration of more than 20% (B20) bio-diesel in their new engines. Mucks up the fuel system.


To add a little to that story, it was recovered after it was stolen because the thief filled it up with gas, got about 70 miles before it quit. VW just emptied the tank, purged the fuel line and it started right up and they drove it back.

You might want to stop by the TDI club


I believe a few people have expressed the same interest and you may be able to pick up some good information (the TDI [Turbo Diesel Injection) Club is just for diesel VW’s and is a very active area.