VW Golf - sitting for months


I have a 92 VW Golf that has sat for some months during the winter. Since I started it up again it has had some issues. Seems like there is a lot of stuff in the gas tank, water, or who knows. I added some engine cleaner and special stuff to take out the water. The engine runs better and excelerates slowly but if you jump on it it sounds like it is chocking. Any thoughts?


Change the fuel filter. If possible, drain the tank and refill with new fuel.

Changing the filter would be a good idea and you may need to do it again in a couple thousand miles.  How much fuel is in the tank now?  Have you added any fuel since you put it back in service?  

I would suggest adding more dry gas the next time you fill up and maybe an extra can now if the tank has mostly the original fuel.

You can expect it to run a little rough until you have gotten rid of any condensation in the tank and diluted the old fuel. If it is really bad or if you don’t want to wait, I would suggest draining and refilling the tank.

There are other possibilities other than fuel, but if you are on that first tank, it is a good bet. How up to date on maintenance is it? When was the last oil and oil & air filter changes? How about spark plugs and wires?