My car doesn't like Summers

1995 VW Golf. Air conditioning puts a huge draw on the engine - only when it’s hot outside, say above 85 - so that the car movement is very jerky, as if the engine is cutting in and out and it’s impossible to drive. The problem only starts AFTER I need to come to a complete stop, like a traffic light, and sit for at least 30 seconds. The same problem has started to occur whether I use the air or not - again only when it’s hot out, and this time, only AFTER I drive home from work, park for a while, then go back out later, say after 30 minutes to an hour. There could be other factors, but we can’t seem to figure it out and it’s getting worse. The problem has existed as long as I’ve had the car, about seven years. We have replaced the spark plugs and wires without much improvement.

Have you looked at the possibility of vapor lock? Does the jerking clear up some time after resuming normal driving?

Could be a faulty ignition module that puts out a weak spark when it gets hot enough or a temp sensitive crank position sensor.

Mine didn’t like summer either nor low altitude but it was an old carbureted '80 Bronco. For it I installed an in-line fuel filter with a return line back to the tank so that un-used fuel would not remain too long in the line up over the engine. This fixed the vapor lock issue but I don’t know if the newer cars like yours might already have a return line in place and not be modifiable.