Car stalled idling

Hello there, I have a 2017 vw golf. The other day I started putting 93 octane fuel into my car for my tune instead of 87 and it ran better no issues, also replaced air filter with a k and n. I was parked idling for about a min when my rpms jumped, went back to normal and then stalled. Is it possible my ecu got confused with both new things? I turned it back on and it ran fine hasnt happened since. When I put the 93 in my car my tank was almost empty, my tune was also off.

Is this an oiled K & N air filter?


Yep it came pre oiled, it was in a bag that was oily. Thanks for the reply had to post to 4 different forums

I still have my stock air filter, just in case

Get that piece of crap outta there!

If any oil from that filter gets sucked into the intake, it will damage the MAF sensor.

Another example of someone trying to out-engineer the engineers.



Weird I thought it was supposed to be oiled? Hopefully thats the cause to the stall, ill go ahead and throw the old one back in and return the k&n filter. Might just look into a cold air intake instead, sucks its advertised as a pop and go type thing. Thanks!

Should I be replacing my maf though, I really haven’t ran it too much after I installed it.

Understandable, Just weird how the filter came oiled up knowing it could damage the car lol.

Your car came from the factory with a cold air intake.

You see that duct the runs from the front of the vehicle to the air filter box?

That’s the cold air intake.



Understood, im pretty amateur when it comes to cars, I meant open air intake but I read that it could suck in hot air and lose hp. Should I be worried about any perma damage caused from the oiled up filter, and should I get a new sensor or should I be good to go.

Put car back the way it was and drive it.

Then you’ll know if you’re good to go.


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Thank you for the help, took me days to get any responses.

I see these K&N filters on customer’s vehicles one a month, they generally don’t cause problems, but it is possible. Those filters get very dirty over the years because most owners don’t clean their filters, a plugged-up filter doesn’t help performance.

The real difference is they are open/unsilenced. You will get more induction noise but less power if you are drawing in engine heat.

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Hopefully it is the k&n filter and its a simple fix, but like you said they generally dont cause problems, all I know is the filter was very oily and I only threw it in and shut it.

I did have my ac on when it stalled, but It usually stays on and I doubt it has anything to do with anything

Explain this statement please. Do you have an aftermarket tune?

The K&N filters when new have a minimal amount of oil, unlikely to cause sensor contamination.
The problem arises if the customer puts too much oil on it after cleaning.
Another problem with K&N is that its filtering efficiency is lower than the OEM style filter.
More dirt enters the engine and can cause added wear.

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I do, never caused any issues like this, tune was also disabled a week before this happened. I would occasionally turn the tune chip off to drive normally. I didnt end up cleaning, most of the videos online told me just to put it in and im good to go, it was pretty oily though. Im gonna stick the factory filter back in. I cant post any more replies, so I gotta edit this one.
edit 2: Also never got any codes on my car when it stalled weirdly.

Unlikely related to octane switch. Higher Octane allows more advance before pinging, might be noticed during accelerations, going uphill, but unlikely to cause any effect at idle. Suggest to revert to oem intake system, see if that fixes problem. In some cases a change to the air intake path or air flow will have an adverse effect on the fuel air mixture. Idle rpm makes engine very sensitive to mixture problems. Particularly if engine uses MAF sensor, which the AU1 2.0 L Turbo CXCA does seem to use.


Thanks for the informative response, its almost a 50/50 for me here, I switched to oem filter yesterday. But I do have a tune chip but it only caused an epc fault on max mode, my chip was off when it stalled. Hopefully this will fix the problem, thank you.

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