VW Golf reverse camera problem

Hi everyone,

I had a blue screen problem with my 2012 Vw Golf. I did research the internet an found out that the blue screen can show up because of a broken wires. So i opened the hatch and found that the red wire going to the camera was broken. I took that part out and started to fix it.

Somewhere here the hatch did manufacture a new fault by not opening from the key button (There are three buttons, open/close and open just the hatch. So when i press the open/close it will work with the other doors but it wont open the hatch and when i try to open it from the emblem it wont do nothing. When i hit the hatch opener button it will open the lock for a second an i can get the hatch open.

Let`s continue…

So i could not fix the red wire that was broken from the camera and ordered from a scrapyard a used part. I did install this, but it didnt start working. Still the blue screen and when i hit the reverse the camera wont come out (emblem will not turn).

I tried to check the other wires and connector, but all them are looking good.

Could there be a broken fuse? Or can you find out what should i check next, I’m really frustrated as i thought that the new part would work!

Check the fuses. There is usually a fuse diagram inside the fuse block cover that shows what the fuses are for, and your owner’s manual might have a similar diagram. The manual may also tell you where the fuse blocks are located, or you can do a web search for that information. There are often two, one under the hood and one on the dashboard, typically where it meets the doors or behind a kick panel.


Thanks, i have tried to figure out what fuses are working with reverse camera and the trunk, but haven’t worked that out.

I will keep researching that subject and hope that resolves some of the problems!

Today i had the time to check that all the fuses were ok.

My friend came with a electricity meter and did check that there is not coming any power from the red wire. We did check the pluging before the camera part that was broken before so the problem is somewhere deeper.

Do you know if there is a switch of some kind that reacts to the reverse gear and then gives power to the camera?

I did also investigate why the trunk lid doesn’t open from the central locking button and only opens for a second when the trunk opener is pushed from the keyfob.

I guess that the reason is somehow the same and there are not any power to work with the trunk.

I visited repair shop and yes, there were a broken fuse after all and now the camera and tailgate works!