Front end wobbling

Help, we have a 1999 Plymouth voyager that is wobbling bad, we have new tires all around and it’s been aligned.
Still can not get it to stop wobbling, what do we do now? We also replaced one wheel cylinder on one side too.

Wow, could be very dangerous. If it’s a loose/worn tie rod end that’s about to break, when it does a front wheel will fall off and you’ll lose control of the vehicle. If you value your life, have it towed to a reputable local mechanic for repair.

You said you got new tires and an alignment? How could it have been aligned with such a bad wobble? Did the wobble develop only after the alignment? When exactly did the wobble start?

Anyway, if the wobble is bad, a mechanic should be able to figure it out. A steering or suspension part is bent or about to break, or the van has been in an accident and something got bent out of shape. Or a wheel is about to fall off because the lug nuts are loose. First check all lug nuts and make sure they’re tight.

What you should do is to drive…very slowly and very carefully…to a competent mechanic who will check the front end components for damage and wear. Wear of these components is to be expected on a 14 year old vehicle, especially if there is any bad pavement in your area.

As jesmed said, this is a definite safety issue.
If a ball joint fails, you could have a wheel come off, and if a tie rod end fails, you will lose your ability to steer the vehicle. Both of these likely situations should scare you sufficiently to have this taken care of immediately.

And, don’t be surprised if you need to have the front end aligned again after repairs are made.
I question the competence/honesty of the shop that took your money for alignment when badly worn/damaged components were present.