VW fender liners

While on vacation, i drove my 04 VW Golf over a curb. Tore the right front plastic fender liner out of the fender well. Way to go. I note the skid plate is just hanging on by a couple connectors.

Question: Should i replace?

I would. Fender liners often protect things from puddle wash. besides, this isn’t an old beater we’re talking about, it’s an '03!

Yes you want to replace the liner. It keeps stones and stuff from hitting what is behind it.

If that plastic belly pan is broken consider replacing it with a Panzer Plate or other make of a metal replacement. The plastic cover helps keep things that need to be dry and relatively clean dry and relatively clean. The metal version is a much heaver duty version. The metal version can help protect the oil sump that is not all that well protected down there and is not all that sturdy. Loose that one and you can loose an engine if you don’t notice it right away. It is a specially good idea if you drive in the snow belt.