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VW Exec Arrested

Good. I hope he gets hard time.


I hope so, too, assuming he is found guilty.

Can we assume VW and the US government reached some kind of a deal, and this guy is the designated scapegoat?


A comment on the news article I read had him thrown under a bus. I asked if it would be a vintage 21 window VW bus, LOL


Hopefully it doesn’t end there. One guy as a fall guy isn’t enough. This had to be a company wide conspiracy.

Bust one and see how many he rolls over on, trading his story about how it unfolded for leniency. I doubt it will stop here unless him VW colleagues pay him too much to keep quiet.

Just busting one is a step in the right direction. Maybe it’ll be a wakeup call to other executives. They may think twice since the feds may now come after them. Too bad this didn’t happen back in the 70’s…maybe there wouldn’t have been as many deaths from the Pinto.

News today - VW expected to pay $4.3 billion to settle the criminal charges, on top of the $15 billion buy-back program. Don’t know how this affect the arrested guy:

I think that it affects him…not at all.
Corporate culpability is one legal issue, and the conspiracy of various corporate employees–such as Oliver Schmidt–to participate in the corporation’s schemes is another issue entirely.