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Is Volkswagen doing enough for TDI owners?

I am genuinely interested to hear what people think. I am not trying to prove a point or make a statement.

  • Yes
  • No

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Check out these TDI articles and link to others you found useful.

Gee what do owners expect?

WTH . . . ?!

Those articles are from 7 and 10 months ago, respectively

What are you trying to accomplish . . . are you collecting data for some research paper?

I believe he is trying to inspire activity on a message board ruled by festering members.


In my lifetime and experience as a car owner I have not seen anything like this happen before. I am simply curious…no research paper or “big idea” up my sleeve.

Yes they are older articles. If you have others that you’ve found to be informative please share some links.

This is current, there are TDI owners now complaining that the deal isn’t ‘good enough’. Some want full retail buyback!

If you do some research you will find that all car makers have done things that are not on the up and up. Many of them then looked the other way or tried to cover it up.

Ford and their TFI module…
Honda and the ECM which overlooked misfires…
Chrysler and multiple cheating on diesel emissions…
GM and ignition switches…
Subaru and the pinion spring in the steering rack…

In the past in Japan, several top Toyota execs were arrested for conspiring to cover up a ball joint problem…
The CEO of Mitsubishi was arrested for doing the same thing…

There’s really no end to this type of thing.

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That is what they should get! The penalty should be so high no car exec would ever think of doing this fraud ever again. All the cars should go directly into the crusher.

Life belongs to those who are reasonable. That argument could be made for any violation of the law. Speeding? Confiscate the car plus a $5000 fine. Be sure there will be a special interest group that would support and push for it so be careful what is wished for.

I think texting while driving should result in the immediate execution. Is that extreme enough to prevent people from texting while driving? Probably not. Maybe something that is fair and reasonable is the best approach. My aunt and uncle have one of the diesels involved in this mess. They are ecstatic because they are getting way more for the car than it is worth.