VW EuroVan Fueling Issue

When filling the gas tank the gas station pump will shut off every half gallon or so because of fuel backing up in the path fro gas cap to tank (it takes 25 - 30 minutes to fill the tank). A VW mechanic said it was a valve that was stuck and the only way to fix it was to replace the whole tank, which he happily did for $1100.00. One week after the repair warranty expired, fuel started backing up again. Could it possibly be something else? Are there any other Eurovan owners that have had this problem?

Find one of those fiberglass bicycle flag whips and carefully insert down the filler to dislodge the stuck anti-spill valve…An old fishing rod works too. The “valve” is usually just a cork ball that has swollen and stuck. Don’t fill your tank to the brim and leave it full as the ball is floating in gasoline and swells up…

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