VW EOS Oil loss

Has anyone heard of it being normal for a vehicle burning up to 1 quart of oil every 1,000 miles?

I have an 2008 VW EOS I have taken the car back to the dealer for puff of smoke on acceleration. The dealer changed out the PCV. I was told it should be fixed. It has done it again. Anyway, the service rep spoke to his bosses at VW and he was told it is normal.

Does anyone know what could be causing problem? PCV? Underlining issue with Turbo? Thanks!

The Dealer really should not have done anything,now they have acknowledged there is a problem when really this is the nature of the beast,VW is probably just finding out for themselves there is a problem with design IMHO.

I won’t claim to know the thresholds for all manufactures, but the ones I’ve dealt with over the years consider any oil consumption less than a quart/1,000 miles to be acceptable and not something they will be responsible for.

I also have a 2008 VW Eos with 2.0T, but I have never experienced a puff of smoke on acceleration, nor have I experienced the engine burning excess oil. This is not normal! VW dealers are not known for great service - you may want to try another dealer if there is a second VW dealer in your area…