VW Engine Starting in humid whether

For some reason when ever it is uber-humid out here in Illinois our VW vanagon has a difficult time starting. The starter works just fine, but the engine will not even attempt to turn over. It is particularly difficult if it is extra cold out as well. Any suggestions?

Starter turns but not engaging engine? Pinion gear not working. Might smack it to loosen or just replace. Also clean all battery connections.

The term turn over is specific and not want a lot of people think it is, so we can’t assume what you mean. If you mean the engine is not moving, then I agree with clammppit that the pinion is not engaging. However I suspect you mean the engine is not starting (which is what turning over means to me). If so I would suspect that you Vanagon of unknown age or type, is suffering an ignition problem, likely spark plug wires. If they are of unknown age, it is time to replace them anyway. Get OEM quality. Don’t buy a really cheap no name brand and totally avoid the expensive fancy designer ones.