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Radiotor Fan on a 2003 Jetta Wagon

Last week my radiator fan refused to go off after I shut off the car. It ran continuously until I disconnected the battery. I actually had to jump the car to take it to the shop, and when I stopped there, the fan turned off without a problem. I expected the solution to be a fuse or kill switch, but my mechanic says I need to replace the whole fan to the tune of $850. Is this probable? I feel like I NEVER leave this mechanic without spending at least $500. I

The fan does not control the power that keeps it running. The power is controlled by a relay via the cooling fan switch or control. I think your feelings are correct. I would dump this mechanic and find a new one since he is using you as his personal piggybank.

Agree with Missileman, sounds like your fan is running just fine when the defective control circuit is supplying it with power.

I would try a new cooling fan relay. It’s a lot cheaper than the whole fan.

I have an 01 Jetta that does the same thing, however it has not stayed on long enough to drain the battery. I have just been turning the ingine back on then off. Doing so has always gotten the fan to power down. Slightly annoying? yes, but better than sawing an arm off. Good luck!