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VW dealer fuel system decarbon service

Had my jetta in for tire/oil change and they offered a “recommended” fuel system decarbon service. Sounded plausible but is it REALLY necessary?? I demonetized my wallet an additional 139$ Money well spent???

This “service” assumes there is carbon that needs to be removed…This is rarely the case…

In many cases, all they do is pour a can of cleaner in your gas tank and charge you $139…A quick $115 profit. When they offered the service, you should have asked: “What exactly are you going to do for $139??”

I asked that question and they told me they disconnect the car’s fuel source/lines and then run the engine using the decarbon formula for about 10 minutes. The car has 90k miles on it.Can’t say that I noticed it running any differently afterwards but maybe there will be a difference in mileage?? It gets around 30mpg on the highway now… Thanks for posting a reply caddyman!

In other words, they pumped some BG 44K right into the fuel rail…You can do almost the same thing by simply adding the same product to a 1/4 tank of fuel…But if you don’t need it, it’s a waste of money…A profit center for them…

Useless. Waste of money. Someone made a boat payment.

Always ask to see the problem before paying for ant service or repairs. A quick look at the throttle body will show you if you actually need to have the intake or fuel system cleaned.

This is also something most people can do themselves for less that 30 bucks. A can of throttle body cleaner, and old toothbrush, and a can of seafoam (they make an actual kit for this) does the same thing.

using regular gas and doing alot of in town driving can cause carbon and gunk to build up on your intake and fuel system.

If you didn’t notice any problems with the car before the treatment, then it was not well-spent.

They are trying to get you to fix something that is not broke. It is a service that is seldom needed.