Vw Cluch depressed forever

My VW Golf 3 1992 , just replaced a cluch cable , self adjustable, now the cluch is depressed and it cannot engage gears whiles running, whats wrong folks.

Door number one?

A bad clutch? Broken diaphragm spring on the pressure plate? Did you reset the adjuster? you may have over-loaded the diaphragm spring on the pressure plate, and caused it to over flex and invert. Time for a clutch replacement.

OH GOD…Busted Knuckles has a good but horrifying point…I dont know how far you would have to maladjust that cable to cause spring inversion…but I guess its possible. Look under your hood and trace the cable it may have broken. If it broke then you may not have a spring on the actual clutch pedal…it may rely on the clutch spring fo its return to the top…I have seen sytems like that b4. Most cars havea clutch pedal return spring in the car, but you never know…maybe the cable snapped or came off somehow and the pedal just lays on the floor… check that.