VW Clutch problems

2000 VW Jetta - Manual - Problem: After 1.5 to 2 hours of driving clutch seems to slip, rpms rev but car looses power and eventually have to pull over. Had clutch replaced along with pressure plate, throw out bearing and whatever it is that gets resurfaced. (can you tell we need help) Car works fine around town. Daughter then drove another 2 hours and same thing happens. In 5th gear clutch seems to be “slipping” and power declines to the point she had to stop at side of road and get towed again. No codes appear on diagnostics. Anyone ever have this happen? Looking to go to VW dealer but don’t want to spend $$$$$$ on guess work. Please help.

Has anyone checked to see if there is clearance between the clutch pedal plunger and the clutch master cylinder piston. I am thinking that the piston never returns to its full returned position and so holds presssure on the throwout bearing relieving the clutch clamping force.

BTW several incidences of the clutch slipping and overheating to the point of having to stop does not bode well for health of the present clutch components.

Good luck on this.

Thanks, will ask to have the clearance checked. New clutch etc was only installed 2 weeks ago, are you thinking this situation may have damaged the new parts?