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VW Cabrio 2000

We are thinking of buying a 2000 cabario gsl with 143K miles. New timing belt with major service, brake pads, like new condition. Reviews are mioxed. lots of electrical issues is this the norm

Yes they do have more electrical problems than the average car. I don’t have the real data, but as I recall it is something like 5% vs 3% for a make/model car with “few” problems. One person will see that as almost twice as many problems and another will see it as a 2% difference.

I have owned a number of VW’s, including my current car and I don’t have any complaints.

The one thing that bothers me is the new timing belt. 143K miles is an odd time for a new timing belt. As I recall that belt was due between 80 & 100,000 miles. If true, why is it off schedule? Was there a problem or did the prior owner delay timing belt maintenance and may have delayed other important maintenance that may come back and bite you.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. You have given us food for thought re: the timing belt. We are taking the car to our mechanic, along with the car fax report and the itemized bill from the recent maintenance.