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VW Beetle Uses Oil

I own a 2003 VW Beetle and it seems to be using a lot of oil - I am adding up to 2 quarts between changes. The dealer informs me this is normal. Is that true?

Not abnormal if oil change interval is every 5000 miles but a bit of a pain. Car makers consider 1 qt/1000 miles normal in warranty consideration. Most cars do much better than yours and it is brand irrelevant. Just a combination of factors that include owner inflicted, day of week made, sheer luck and alignment of the moon.

Do you drive it hard?

I agree with Andrew, if we’re talking about 1 quart every 2500 miles it’s normal usage.

By the way, how many miles does the car have on it?

I believe that is a 10,000 mile oil change that VW recommends for your car.  Assuming you are using the right oil for your car (505.1?) and it is only 2 quarts between 10,000 mile oil changes, it is within norms for most modern engines of makes.  

They all don’t use that much, mine uses about a cup in 10,000 miles (it is a 2002 TDI (diesel) but some use a lot more than that.