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Vw beetle 2010 ignition/starting problem

This is a Rental vehicle and all the can tell me is "jiggle the steering wheel while turning the key, which after maybe 5 minutes or more, MAY work. I need help NOW.

Rental or lease? If it is a rental, return it and get something else. If it is a lease, you have a factory warranty. Go to a different dealer with better service or go to the regional management of VW. Welcome to the world of VW customer service.

Did you buy this car from a rental agency? Did they include any kind of warranty?

It sounds to me like the ignition switch which is in the steering column.  Since it appears to be a 2010 car, it should not be your problem.  Take it back to the lessor or if you own and are not leasing, the dealer and start keeping records of their excuses for not fixing it.  

Lemon Laws:

With most German cars, if you don’t get the car to crank over on the first try of the key, you need to FULLY turn the key to the OFF position, and then back again to the START position in order for the car to crank over.

You can’t just keep trying to go from ON to START like you can in most American cars.

So, turn it off, and then try the START position again.