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VW Beetle 2007 steering lock issue

My daughter has a 2007 VW Beattle and every few times she tries to start it after parking it for a few hours she finds the key unable to turn and stuck. Normally after jiggling the key and taking it in and out, it will finally turn. Recently though she was sitting in a parking lot trying to start her car but unable becuase the key was stuck. Also the steering wheel was locked up and would not move aat all and the brakes had locked up too so she was unable to press down on them. This problem persisted for more than 50 minutes and i came and tryed and finally got the key unstuck after a while trying myself. Please could you help me understand what could be wrong or a possible solution, we have taken it to the dealers and they deny that anything is wrong other than her “touching” the wheel after turning off the car. Thank you for your time and any and all advice. I worry about my teenage daughter being stranded, especially with winter coming.

This may not be true today, but when I had my 1972 Beetle I had to turn the steering wheel slightly while turning the key. Even though the wheel was also locked, it did turn just an inch or so.

Also, the dealer’s explanation makes no sense. You might want to take it to an independent VW mechanic for another opinion.