VW Atlas or Tiguan - thoughts?

Anyone have comment or review to share about the VW Atlas or Tiguan

The Atlas sounded exactly like what my brother was looking for but it needed to have more room behind the 3rd row than it does. The Tiguan even with a 3rd row wasn’t even in the running (even tighter than the '06 Subaru it would replace)

The Tiguan is a compact crossover and the Atlas is a midsize SUV. The Atlas will have good cargo room when the third row is stowed, and the Tiguan will have a little rear storage when using two rows of seating. You will get better gas mileage with the Tiguan, if that is important to you. What will you do with the SUV? That more than anything else should tell you which one to buy.

I’d prefer the CX5, RAV4, Highlander, or Pilot

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Atlas seats 7 adults in sheer comfort even last row which is rare trumping all its competitors. Tiguan is comfortable for 4 people but can do 7 if but third row passengers(2) <=5’ 3”

Tiguan is recommended by Consumer Reports and the MPG is better then EPA. My wife has one. It’s a rather comfortable vehicle and we do three kids in 2nd row.

The atlas was another 10k with superior room and cargo but lessor MPG due to 6 cylinder.