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Cross over...Infinity EX35 or VW Tiguan

I am in the market for a new car (or at least new to me) for the first time in a very long time. I have had a company car as a perk of my job since 1989. I am changing jobs and will have an allowance instead of a company car.

I live in Colorado, so want AWD. I have 2 boys (3 if you count my husband), so I want a small SUV. I want something that gets decent gas mileage.

My husband really wants me to get a Toyota RAV4, but I recently rented one and would prefer something with a little more pep.

Really like the Infinity EX35’s handling and the luxury of the car. The Tiguan is very fun to drive and seems a little more practical. With the EX35, I would be looking at a 2010 (found it for $24K). In the Tiguan, I found a 2011SEL model for $22 or I may go new (though hate the thought of the depreciation as soon as I drive off the lot) for about $35K. I cannot do a lease as I drive too many miles.

Help!1 would love some input! 'Thanks!

The EX35 has the high performance engine but they’re known gas guzzlers. How about the new Acura RDX with the V6 or, for less money and better mpgs a Subaru Forester?

If you get the V6 RAV4, it has got a lot of pep.

@galant makes a good point, the current Rav4 with the V6 is as fast as the EX35, better mpgs and more room. There’s a new Rav4 coming out, but no V6 in it, I think.

I didn’t know that you could get a RAV4 with a V6. That is a great thought as I do love the reliability of a Toyota.

You couldn’t pay me to buy a used VW. Long-term reliability is not one of their better points. given the choice, I’d take the Infiniti.

Edmunds estimates maintenance and repairs for newer cars. Over the first 5 years, M&R will cost $6900 for the EX35 and $5800 for the Tiguan. But there is a big increase in the 6th year for the Tiguan. M&R costs for a 2010 Tiguan are $7300. There’s an $800 increase in maintenance and $1800 increase in repairs. It doesn’t have a timing belt, but there are big expenses coming. The VW gets 2 MPG better than the Infiniti in combined mileage. You can get a well optioned 2012 Chevy Equinox LT1 AWD with the 4-cyl for the same price as the Tiguan. It will get 2 MPG better on average than the Tiguan, too. If you are interested in the Equinox, take it or a long test drive. It might be underpowered with the 4-cyl. There is a 6-cyl option and it will come up to the cost of the EX35. Naturally, M&R costs will be lower since it is only 1 year old. Expect to pay $5700 over the next 5 years. But costs in the future (past 5 years) don’t rise as they do in the Tiguan.

Keep in mind that the VW and Infinity most likely requires premium fuel to run.

The Ford Escape was redesigned for 2013, so any left over 2012s on the lot can be had for a bargain.