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2010 Tiguan vs 2012 Focus hatch

2010 VW Tiguan Wolfsburg ed vs. 2012 Focus Titanium hatchback

I can’t decide. Both are obviously very different, but I found a 2010 Tiguan with 6000 miles and I am being tempted away from the good gas mileage of the Focus. I fear I am being attracted by a siren that will lead me to buyer’s remorse. Please advise!

Human Specs: Single male, no kids, golden retriever, techie, short distance commuter with potential relocation to either Nashville, TN or Madison, WI within a year, rare ski or mountain bike day trip but otherwise car is for day to day transportation, thinks driving is fun.

Vw does build some excellent performing cars, but their inconsistent reliability along with their poor resale value on some of their models because of this would keep me from buying one. Ford as a brand has been much more consistent. I would lean towards their products, especially if the local dealer had a good rep. The new Focus is a good economy car. Your first fill up will tell you if you made the right choice. You really have little need for anything other than a compact. The only thing I would recommend in the Focus is that you consider the most practical model, 5 door hatch for sure. 25 mpg, (less than 20 city)highway may seem decent for the vw, but you’ll seldom see it in your driving, and the 31 mpg city of the Focus is really appealing.

Focus. It will cost SIGNIFICANTLY less to own and drive over time.

A friend of mine just bought a used Tiguan. She loves driving it but complains constantly about the rate at which it drinks premium gasoline.

The premium requirement, by itself, is a deal breaker for me.

The Focus just won a “Car & Driver” comparison test.

If you move to WI a decent set of winter tires on a Focus will get you anywhere you need to go.

I’d say, of the 2, I’d go for the Focus.
Without knowing how old your goldie is, it would help later on if/when it gets arthritis and has trouble climbing in and out of a taller vehicle.
A compromise would be an Escape, or Mazda Cx-7(either engine flavor)