VW 2.0 Misfire

So I purchased an '01 VW Golf with the 2.0 engine and 78,000 miles, back in September. What started off as a good car has only gone downhill since. Among the myriad other problems, I’m currently having a misfire in my engine. It started in cylinder one (as based off OBD-II readings) and now has extended to both the third and fourth cylinders. I originally thought that it was the coil pack used on the 2.0 finally on its way out, but now I’m also wondering if it could be something as simple as spark plugs.

Any suggestion on either a diagnosis, or even a reliable VW repair shop in the Hartford area would be much appreciated.

Good guess! The spark plugs are probably original. So, yes, change them. Original air fuel filter? Change it. Original external fuel filter? Change it. Results?