2000 vw golf misfiring issues

I am havin this reoccurring problem with my 2k vw golf. Firstly, I have been burning through gas and oil more than i should. I’ve been getting like 21 MPG and have gone through 4 quartz of oil since last oil change (3k miles). In May all of a sudden one day my car started sputtering and misfiring while accelerating. I had a tuneup, and the guy replaced the plugs and plug wires and fuel filter. It happened in July again so I brought it to the dealer and they said the guy who did the tuneup cranked the plugs in too tight and cracked the plugs and that the spark plugs were oil fouled. They replaced all 4 plugs and recommended driving at higher rpms for a week or so to reseat the oil rings. I did that. Still bad gas mileage and I burned through 4 quarts of oil since last oil change. And today it started the sputtering business again. Any ideas