Misfire on Cylinder 2 (2003 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 engine)

So I’ve been having some problems with my Golf lately (2.0 L gasoline engine, 98k miles). It started with an engine coolant thermostat code. This was repaired by replacing the thermostat and housing. Shortly after this fix I began to get a misfire, especially on rainy and humid days. Checking other forums I discovered that this was probably the result of a bad ignition coil. The coil, spark plug wires and plugs were all replaced, but I am still getting a misfire. The idle is very rough so I’ve heard that it could be a bad fuel injector or faulty ground (though with the new components the other three cylinders sound cherry). The next step would be to purchase a “noid” test light and determine if the electronics to the injector are bad. I’ve also read that it could be a vacuum problem. There is a smell of unburned fuel when the engine is running.

Anyone else have this problem? How was it repaired? I’m quite good with the mechanical parts but lack the diagnostic tools, vacuum testers, multimeter and other such devices for performing complete screenings of the vehicle. Also, I can’t drive it out to the local auto parts store to read the new error codes anymore. Finally I’ve got a “Chilton’s” for the car but if there is a better manual available (better pictures, more descriptive instructions) I’d be happy to take suggestions there too.

Volkswagen Had A Campaign (Explained In A 10 Page Service Bulletin) Going For Many 2002 - 2007 Models And Replaced Ignition Coils In An Attempt To Handle Misfire Complaints And DTCs.

Then they published a 4 page service bulletin for diagnosing misfires on vehicles that had problems (rough idle, reduced performance, power loss, stalling, CEL on or flashing, after the campaign was performed.

If you haven’t been going to a dealer and have been paying for all of it then it could be a situation where you’d be ahead of the game by going to a dealer.

" Anyone else have this problem? How was it repaired? "
It appears that others have had this problem. Volkswagen and their dealers have been working on it.


I bought the car used in 2010, took it to the dealer once for regular service but am not aware of the bulletin as they are all behind pay-walls. Anyhow, does anyone have any advice for fixing the problem myself, such as a link to the technical service bulletin? If YOU had the problem and fixed it what did YOU do?

I’d take it to a dealer and ask them to check all the TSB’s that CSA mentioned. I doubt this is something you’ll be able to figure out without all the diagnostic equipment the dealer has.

Yeah, it’s fun to fix things yourself, but you have to know your limits, and this one is probably over your head.

I had the same problem, it is the coil pack. Go to the VW forum sites for A MUCH MORE Technical information than someone pointing you to the nearest mechanics. Coil pack basic test are easy to do and don’t require any tools.

You can fix the crack or buy a new one. All of this is explained in the VW forums where people give technical advice.


“You can fix the crack”

Please elaborate

I’m hoping you don’t mean fixing a crack in the coil pack . . .