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Vsc light

I have a 2008 toyota siena AWD and the VSC and engine light came on at the same time. I discovered that I had over inflated the tires by about 8-10 psi and was think this would create issues with the vehicle stability control sensors. Note that the tires are not run flats. I have since reduced the tire pressure to the recommended 30-32 psi. Do I need to see a dealer the reset the VSC and Check Engine light or are there potentially more problems?


The VSC light came on because the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on.
The CEL came on because the car’s OBD system has detected a problem in the engine or in emissions-related components.

On most cars, stability control systems will shut down whenever a problem is detected in the functioning of the engine.

So–even though it is good that you have adjusted the tire pressure, this will not cure anything. You need to have the trouble codes stored in the OBD system read by having the OBD system scanned. Auto parts retailers will frequently do this free-of-charge. If it turns out to be an emissions-related problem, that may be covered under the terms of the vehicle’s emissions warranty.

After you have gotten the trouble codes (in the format of P1234), come back to this thread and post the codes for further guidance.