VSC engine light

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD. I had the Right front passenger tire replaced due to a sidewall leak. It has new tread and the others are worn but still good. Since the tire change I have had the engine light come on along with the VSC light. In the manual it is for skid control. The tire pressure light comes on sporadically. EAch time tire pressure was checked and there were no deficiences. I took it back to the tire center and they thought it could possibly be the difference in tread, but to take it to the dealer. The dealer has indicated that the light is on due to a oxygen sensing valve that needs to be replaced. They said that when the check engine light comes on that the VSC light comes on automatically and that replacing the sensor will most likely correct the VSC light. I can not use my cruise control at present but everything else runs fine. Is it possible for the O2 sensor replacement to either solve the problem or does this correctly occur that the skid control light comes on for any engine problem? They want $275

to change the sensor which is not in stock.