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Voting for President


I clicked on that link . . . what a riot!

Is that guy for real?

His grammar and spelling was so comical, I almost think he was doing it on purpose. Maybe he just wants to generate a few laughs . . . ?

Yeah, ole Harold is dead now. I still say our generation made a mess of it so don’t vote for anyone over 70 or dead.

Doh, RAND Paul, not RON. I guess I fat-fingered the keyboard.

Rand was still in as of the posting of this list and Huckabee is out but still listed.

And Yes, each of your cars gets a vote, as far as I’m concerned. Whether or not this reflects your own vote is entirely up to you in the privacy of your Diebold cocoon!

Wow! It’s Just Like The Iowa Voting!
5 of my cars got a vote, but neither of my Fieros are eligible. What’s up with that? I smell a rat.

Yesterday (or was it the day before?) I clicked on the link and when I discovered I’d need to provide information about myself I left. I don’t provide any info, including contact info, over the internet unless it’s a site that I sought out.

Today the link has been removed. There must be a reason. I can only imagine what it might be. :fearful:

Doh, RAND Paul, not RON. I guess I fat-fingered the keyboard.

Hey, at least you didn't confuse him with RuPaul!

at least you didn't confuse him with RuPaul

That would be a manual tranny?

(God, please save the pygmies in New Guinea for that last remark…)

I couldn’t help myself, it was too easy…

No offence to anyone here, but as I live in ga I think I will vote for Jeff Davis again.


How could anybody NOT take offense to that . . . ?

Please go away

If all your comments are like that, I for one don’t want to make you feel welcome

If your comment was supposed to be a joke, it’s in EXTREMELY poor taste

Up here in the Northeast we’ve gotten over the Civil War. We consider all of our states to be long-since united.

My guess is that you don’t represent the majority of Georgians. Georgia to its great credit gave us Jimmy Carter, perhaps the most honest and decent man who ever held a major office, whether or not one agrees with his political performance. Carter was a true humanitarian to the core, and still is.

No comment but back then my car loan interest was 18% after I laughed at my CPA BIL who paid 17%. I don’t know what people with poor credit paid. Being a nice guy does not necessarily make one an economist.

The “War of Northern Aggression” isn’t easily exorcised from the South. Like “Gone With the Wind” the Civil War is forever being replayed in the minds of those who feel they have less today than they deserve due to the ungentlemanly tactics of brutes like Sherman.

A great many in the south have ‘left of center’ political views and see the humor of wannabe Rhett Butlers and those who mock them. If the South rises again it appears it will do so with the help of Toyota, Nissan, VW and Hyundai. And most recently Yokohama Tire.

I Remember Those Carter Years Interest Rates, But Did You Have To Remind Me?
It Wasn’t His Being Attacked By A Swimming Rabbit While In A Canoe That Made Him Such A Bad President.
However He Can Thank Our Current President Because Now Carter Is No Longer The Worst One We’ve Ever Had! :wink:

I tried carefully not to comment on Carter’s performance as president, only on him as a true humanitarian. And he was that. Georgia gave us a man who should be an example to all of us of how to care. My sense is that the Renegade’s post is not representative of Georgians.

What amazes me about Carter’s critics from the right is their disdain for his efforts at austerity. Apparently the right never dreamed that a president would expect austerity from them.

Now that we’ve detoured, I spent about ten years on our local Habitat board when it was getting started and had great respect for his efforts to provide housing for those who otherwise would be living in unsafe conditions. BUT, the housing conditions in Minnesota and Georgia are/were quite different. We required garages for example as a means of making sure they had reliable transportation to work but had to fight national on the issue because they thought garages were luxuries. Because of our climate, we also just didn’t have the same level of dilapidated housing.

Costs were mainly reduced for families by offering zero interest rates for the mortgages, plus the sweat equity families and volunteers put in. But when interest rates are so low now and poured concrete has reduced the sweat equity labor savings, its a different world now.

Actually the biggest thing was just finding qualified families with enough income but not too much. We also had big discussions, since we were church based, on whether marriage should be a criteria versus living together, which could prove to be unstable. One hid the fact that she was living with someone when the combined incomes would have disqualified her. Another immediately bought a new truck after moving in and eventually lost the house. Another single family said that after moving in, she could now quit working, live off her SS benefits and spend more time with her kids. I just became disillusioned by the whole thing and wondered whether we were just enabling dysfunctional life decision-making. I tired of working 60 hours a week myself and then weekends encouraging dysfunction. I suspect if Carter were to sit back and honestly re-evaluate some of his positions, he might come up with different answers today. From what I’ve seen though, he hasn’t done much soul searching.

Carter is a much better ex-president than he was a president, IMHO. His greatest accomplishment while in office was encouraging us to elect Ronald Reagan.

While I may not agree with his politics, he is a nice, honest man who has given a lot back to his country and I wish him a long life, cancer free.

I saw the vote by car thing and thought " well that is silly " but it certainly made HarryB121 happy.

@“common sense answer” - “I Remember Those Carter Years Interest Rates, But Did You Have To Remind Me?” Me too. I was just a kid at the time, but I remember getting 14.3% and 14.7% interest on FSLIC insured certificates of deposit on my allowance, aluminum can, christmas & birthday money. It’s what turned me on to the concept of “Passive Income” :smiley:

As opposed to today, when you get .000000001% interest in a regular bank account. My bank recently offered me 0.15% interest as opposed to 0.10% interest if I put in at least $10,000. I called them back and asked them, why even bother offering CD’s in the first place? I’d burn more money in gasoline DRIVING down to the bank than I’d earn in interest. Sheesh!

Yeah, yeah, I know, inflation was double-digits back then, so the 14+% interest rates weren’t really such a good thing, but from the point of view of a 10 - 12 year old kid learning how to save & invest, I fondly remember those days. . .

@Bing - A garage IS a luxury. I don’t have a garage. You can’t drive the garage to work. You need a vehicle to put IN the garage. Other than that I agree with your post. Seems like no good deed goes unpunished.

“I remember getting 14.3% and 14.7% interest”

You should have done more research!
During that era, I put most of my assets into the Dreyfus Worldwide Dollar Fund, and as a result, I was able to sock away 16-17% interest for several years. By deferring the purchase of a home while mortgage rates were sky-high, and instead taking advantage of the very high interest rates available on some kinds of money market funds, I gave myself a very sound financial footing.

“My bank recently offered me 0.15% interest as opposed to 0.10% interest if I put in at least $10,000.”

You still need to do more research!
I am currently getting 1.05% interest on my savings account, and 1.25% interest on my CDs–all of which are FDIC-insured.

If you send me a private message, I will give you information on where you can get interest rates that are MUCH better than what your bank is offering.