Volvo XC70


I have a Volvo XC70, '98, with about 160k miles (as of current moment in time…)

This car has a 5 cylinder turbo engine.

I am very meticulous, almost to the point of compulsive in taking care of this car.

Body is in perfect condition.

I have it serviced every 5000 miles which includes oil change, scheduled service, and basically anything else the dealer service team may find (ka-ching!)

My question is, how long can I expect this car to last — can I expect it to continue on w/minor repairs, or will the engine give out requiring extensive and expensive major repairs?


Past 7yrs/150k in general repairs get more major in cost. It may last another 100k with minor repairs or another mile. No one can tell you.

I will say both our pair of previous “golden can do no wrong Honda” Civic’s once they hit 7yr/150k mark they require pricier repairs/maintenance. Nothing serious in cost but multiple $300-$600 repairs until we got rid of them. (one at 190k and other at 225k).

Just keep driving and if something major comes along then decide fix it or move on.


I wouldn’t worry about it until it starts acting up. If it runs well now, be happy that it does and spend your time on other topics. Unless you just want to sell it and buy something else. Then go for it!


The car could easily do another 160,000 miles. Actually few cars wear out. Most cars die from accidents, and others from lack of proper care. A few do wear out, but they are in the minority.

As cars get older, the maintenance & repair cost go up. That freaks out some people who will then buy a new car that will have lower maintenance/repair cost but not nearly low enough to make up for the new payments.

Keep it as long as you wish.