My 2008 XC70 hit 215,000 miles, what are some things to expect?

Hello Car Talk / Volvo community!

My 2008 Volvo XC70 has hit 215,000 miles. I want to keep it as long as I can, until 2023 at least. Then I plan to get another Volvo. I have done regular maintenance and repairs over the past 3-4 years, what else should I be on the look out for? Expensive preventative repairs I need to plan for? Is there anyone out there that has the same Gen. XC70 with more miles?

So far I have done the following:
-full syn oil changes at 5k-7k intervals (used Liqui-molly, Mobil, and Motul)
-brake fluid drain/fill (pentosin)
-power steering fluid drain and fill (pentosin)
-coolant flush (Volvo 50/50)
-transmission drain and fill (Aisin)
-rear differential angle gear drain and fill (Volvo)
-brakes pads and rotors front/back (Volvo)
-front and rear struts (Sachs)
-front strut mounts (Volvo)
-front sway bar end links (IPD USA)
-Air box replacement (Volvo)
-Engine Air Filter (volvo)
-Cabin Air Filter (volvo)
-heater blower motor (Bosch)
-Rear cargo panel strut (Volvo)
-Auto battery (AAA brand)
-serpentine belt (contitech)
-idler pulley (Volvo)
-water pump & spring bracket (Volvo)
-upper engine mount (Volvo)
-PCV replacement (Volvo)
-new o-rings for Trans-Oil Cooler lines (Volvo)
-4 new snow tires with studs (Federal)
-1 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) valve/stem replacement (Volvo)
-Driving / Fog bulbs (PIAA)
-front parking & side marker bulbs (Volvo)
-6 ignition coils (Volvo)
-6 spark plugs (Volvo)
-Haldex AWD drain and fill with new filter (Volvo) [im thinking about replacing the AWD electric pump set]
-front side mirror glass driver&passenger (Volvo) the glass on the mirrors broke loose and fell out when driving.

A lot depends on when and how often you have done these maintenance issues.

Many of them are “as needed” such as tires, brakes, bulbs, struts, motor, etc.

Filters, brake fluid, others should be done on a regular schedule. Read the owner’s manual, but some items are not listed. For example, most experts suggest the transmission fluid be drained and replaced every 50k miles. Brake fluid every 2 years, but I’d replace it whenever the brake pads/rotors are changed.

But again, the manual should be your guide.

AAA battery ??

Does this engine have a timing belt? if so, it should have been replaced at least 2x. The water pump also.

I do tend to drive lots of miles per year, about 25k-35k. I bought a car battery from AAA (auto club) it has 3 year free replacement and 6 year service. I have not replaced the timing chain yet. I will look at the service manual for intervals.

I forgot to put that I did have the serpentine belt, idler pulley, and water pump replaced. I also had the upper engine mount replaced too.

Put $200/month into savings for future repairs.


Save for the unexpected repairs because that is the primary thing you will have on a car with this many miles. If a big repair happens, you will have the money to repair or replace.

You goal is ambitious. 35K a year for 6 years adds another 210,000 miles for a total of 425,000. It is possible but don’t feel bad if you fall a bit short. From this point on, even a minor accident will total out the vehicle. Save those receipts so you make make the case that your car is worth more than the tiny amount the insurance company will want to give you after an accident.