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Volvo XC transmission nightmare

Dear Tom and Ray,

I own a 2001 Volvo XC which I purchased new. At 90,000 miles the transmission had to be replaced to the tune of $4600. Fifteen months later, the transmission went out again. Since it was only guaranteed for 12 months (do you believe it?), Volvo at first refused to help out. I finally got them to pay for the parts, but I had to pay for labor ($800). Now, 6 weeks later, the transmission is beginning to fail again. It is clunking between first and second gears. I had already planned on selling the car before this new development. Now I need Volvo to replace the transmission again before I can sell the car. They want me to trade it in, but I do not want another Volvo. Question #1: Can I demand that Volvo replace the transmission (again) before it completely fails? Question #2: Can I demand that Volvo buy the car back from me for $7,000? It has 122,000 miles and is in good condition (other than the lousey tranny!) What are my rights as the owner? I know I can’t invoke the lemon law as the problem did not occur early enough. Do I have any recourse? Is there an Ombudsman that I can contact?

Thank you!

Jane Broshears

San Luis Obispo, CA