Volvo V70 Tailgate Lock



Please help me with this. My 2001 Volvo V70 Cross Country tailgate will not unlock. There are none of the usual clicks from the lock area when I try any of the usual ways of unlocking the tailgate. The fuse which controls the circuit to the tailgate lock is ok. The other door locks work normally. It is just the tailgate lock that will not work.

Unfortunately I can’t access or release the lock because I can’t remove the tailgate door panel without opening the tailgate since the bolts that hold it in place are only accessable when the tailgate is open. (Dumb Design?) Even the two Volvo dealers I contacted confess that this is not a simple (or inexpensive) problem to solve. They mention cutting off the panel to unlock and open the tailgate to replace the lock and install a new interior panel. This seems excessive and costly to say the least. Does anyone have a better idea or experience with this problem?

Thanks for your help.