Volvo V70 R Suspension Issue... Maybe?

I just bought an 05 V70 R and when driving it home hit a pothole. It felt like the car hit the ground, loud bang and a big bump. It has low profile tires on it. I took the tire pressure today after driving and each was 8 lbs low. I just read that I need to take the pressure when the tires have been sitting. Could it be the tire pressure or is it a suspension issue? The car doesn’t bounce, it has a stiff suspension. It is fine on smooth roads even with small potholes and bumps, get a big one and its awful. It was really hot yesterday when this happened. Today was cooler in 60’s and I couldn’t get it to do it. Any ideas?

Get the tires inflated to the correct pressure when cold, and check each rim and tire sidewall for damage.