2000 Volvo S70 - Fuel/Suspension Problem?

My Volvo has had a series of issues with suspension and the engine. Is it possible for the the suspension to effect the fuel lines.

The most odd event, I loaded the car with gear for a trip (~350 lbs), after loading the car - it would not start! The suspension was compressed with the tires in the wheel wells. After a lot of screwing around, I unloaded the car and it started just fine!!!

This same gear was in my wife Volvo S60 (smaller car) with out any issues.

A different issue… When cruising in the S70 alone on the highway the engine will surge (tach fluctuates ~ 200 RPM). With 4 or 5 people in the car, the surging goes away.

OK, I have not seen any posts… :frowning:

I did go to the shop and discovered one of my problems - I have one key that does not have a chip and therefore can not start the car (only open the doors). That was likely the problem with the load.

I still have the odd surge problem and I still think it is related to the suspension. Does anybody have any suggestions??? Trouble shooting ideas??? Any input is appreciated.

anybody want to tell me about a fuel filter with a spring loaded by-pass?? Could this cause the engine to surge under light load and be find under hard acceleration??