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Volvo V70 low coolant, now won't start

I have a 2001 Volvo V70. Yesterday I noticed that the low coolant light came on when I tried to start the car, but it went off after a minute or two. I kept an eye on the temperature gauge and didn’t see anything amiss. When my wife tried to start the car this morning, the low coolant light came on again, but the car wouldn’t start – it turns over but sputters out after a second or two. I checked the coolant and it was indeed pretty low (should have done it the night before, I realize). So, I’m trying to figure out what’s up here – the car didn’t seem to generally overheat, but something has gone wrong. Fuel pump or something similar? Any help is appreciated.

This probably is unrelated to the coolant. As long as you are certain that the engine temp did not get hot. There is a warning light for low coolant in the expansion bottle. This does not mean you ran out of coolant in the engine. There are temperature issues this time of year in some areas. If it is getting cold where you are you may just have gotten through summer with a bad engine temp sensor. Now that it is cooler the engine is trying to start too lean. If the check engine light is not on it is most likely an air temp or coolant temp sensor that is bad.

+1 with @euryale1.
Try starting it over and over again.
Eventually it may actually start because lots of brands have a ‘limp mode’ when it comes to the temperature sensor.
It starting isn’t a permanent fix but an indication that your temp sensor is bad.

Thanks, all. After I tried it a few more times, the “immoblizer” message lit up on the dashboard – I see that some people have had trouble with a faulty immobilizer connection preventing startup. Is that a possibility here, too, or is it more likely that I got that message just because I tried to start the car so many times.
Thanks again!

Oh, and Euryale, the check engine light has come on recently, but it comes on and off so often, and has prompted so many fruitless visits to the mechanic, that I didn’t pay too much attention to it this time :frowning:

Looks like a tow to the shop. My guess is the fuel pump went bad. Other stuff is coincidental. Are you sure you want to keep this car? I owned several V70XC wagons and eventually realized my budget couldn’t handle the frequent and very expensive repairs. A bad MAF (mass airflow sensor) is another possible for the no start.

You had mentioned that the coolant level was low and now the engine will not start.

If you are able to pull the plugs and dissable the fuel pump and the spark then try and crank the engine over.

The coolant went somewere the ? is were hopefully not into cylinders hence the test, also remove the oil dipstick and look for signes of coolant in the crankcase.

Remember that due to the low coolant, the temp. sensor was probably sensing only temperature of the air pocket it was in.

Purchase a shop manual and then just start with the basics.