99 Volvo - Am I being ripped off?



For the second time in 14 months, the Check Engine light went on in my 99 Volvo Cross Country, and the mechanic once again said that both oxygen sensors were “blown” and needed to be replaced–$500 each time. He said the problem is that I don’t let the engine warm up for 5-10 minutes before driving, but I think I’m being ripped off. He also did a tune-up both times, $250 a clip. Any thoughts?


Sell the Volvo, it is now an old car with too many sophisticated systems that go haywire and cost way too much to fix. I owned a 2000 and 1998 Cross Country’s and the best decision I made was to sell them.

You are not being ripped off, the Volvo’s need a complete tune up (plugs, wires, etc.) every 30K miles. My Honda goes 100K per tune up.

The car is probably running “rich” and throwing too much unburned gas at the O2 sensorsa and cat. But to find the problem and fix it properly will cost you. Your mechanic is just throwing the common parts at the problem which are giving you a short term fix only.

Just sell the thing, sure you’ll miss the comfy seats but you won’t miss the $1,000 to 2,000 repair bills twice a year.


Find a new mechanic. Cars don’t need to be warmed up before driving. This is completely BOGUS.


The need to warm up vehicles went away around 80 years ago. You need to find another vehicle and another “mechanic”.


It’s possible that if the O2s were really bad they could have been killed by something else but if the mechanic uses the term “blown” when referring to the O2s and making the statement that it’s your fault because you don’t allow the car to warm up then this mechanic is a parts replacing hack.

Deliberate ripoff? No. Clueless mechanic? Likely yes. Results are the same though.


you got a car with check engine lights you got a car with codes. If you plan to keep this car, go to the parts store and get the codes on this thing, because if the 02 sensors are going out this often it is caused by something else and the codes may tell you what. and yeah, get a new mechanic in any case.