Volvo truck engine

Bought a well maintained 2003 Volvo VNL670 truck with 730K miles last August.

Previous owner told me most likely next major repair would be turbocharger.

Truck ran well for 80K miles when, on route under load from west coast, booster gauge started fluctuating, engine lost power and fuel economy dropped. These were all the symptoms I expected from a failing turbocharger.

Took it in to a major Volvo authorized service center in the mid west, gave them this information and asked them to fix engine problem. They said they checked and found several codes in computer.

First they replaced the “EGR Cooler”

Then they replaced the “Charge Air Cooler”

Then they replaced all six injectors.

Advised me that engine “still shows 3 psi low on boost”

Told me to take truck and bring back if truck still has power problems.

Drove truck for few hours and noted power problems were getting worse.

Engine broke down completely on route.

Towed to nearest Volvo service center on East coast and found Turbo charger had blown.

After turbo was replaced truck runs as well as it did when I bought it.

QUESTION: Was I scammed by midwest service center and what can I do about getting my money back?