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Volvo Starving for fuel

I have a 1985 volvo 240 GL 4 dr with the B23 engine. It runs perfectly except if it is cool (less than 45-55) and I first start it and drive away, it runs perfecly for first mile. Then does not take accelerator (pops and stalls for about 15-20 seconds. Then it is fine for rest of day.

Already replaced fuel pumps, fileres etc.

I suspect it is a sensor, or electronic module. 287,000 but very well maintained. Still doesn’t use oil.


DJ in Maryland

I’d consider replacing the coolant temperature sensor. If the computer is getting a bad signal from the sensor it won’t adjust the fuel mixture and ignition timing correctly.

Considering the age and mileage, I’d think about replacing all of the sensors. There aren’t that many on a car this old, but they all wear out.